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Working in Partnership


dalzell projects is delighted to work closely with a partnership of talent which crosses the complete spectrum of skills required for project delivery.



David Clark 

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Dr Ian R Clark CBE

Special Adviser








David Clark

- since first making his mark persuading the Government and British Steel to support his proposals for investment in the Dalzell Plate Mill, overturning the closure notice, and breathing a further 20 years of life into the plant, his reputataion for delivering project excellence has soared.


Whilst professionally Chartered and widely experienced, it is his inspirational leadership, and no nonsense approach which many regard as setting him apart. 



Ian R Clark

- Founding Director of Britoil and BNOC, as Chief Executive of Shetland Island's Council he oversaw the Sullom Voe development - the largest construction project in Europe at the time. He also directed the construction of Britoil's spectacular Glasgow Headquarters...






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